Who We Are

US Educational Financial Solutions is a financial education and evaluation company that provides a comprehensive array of financial wellness tutoring and analysis products.  Our vision is to help members understand the importance of do it yourself money management and free themselves from the burden of debt.  With the belief that each and every person can live free of financial burdens, we have put together specific training courses and financial wellness evaluation services that help our members understand the essentials of savings and building real wealth.

We work with people from all over the country.  From factory workers to college professors, from small business owners to students to retirees, all of our clients face the same challenges:

• Easy access to credit cards has led them to spend more than they should;

• They live from paycheck to paycheck, one accident or illness away from bankruptcy;

• Their bills are mounting, and the stress is becoming unbearable.

Although virtually all of our members share these problems, every situation is unique.  Our job is to analyze your financial situation and help you truly understand how you got where you are, and to help plan the best route to free yourself of the financial burdens that keep you up at night.

When you work with us, you’ll have access to a unique and powerful set of educational tools, professional financial wellness coaching, and assistance with stretching your budget to the maximum extent possible.